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last night we passed 150,000 hits

Monday, December 31st, 2007

i’ve been too busy the last month and did not enter one posting

dispite this, i am kind of shocked that the hits did not slow down

have a safe new year

thank you all for reading

The Miller Meatball

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Hot diggity dog, the Miller meatball’s comin’ to town

That’s left; I mean right. Yes, the group of Einsteins that sit on city council are getting into the hot dog cart business.

But with a new twist. They want to introduce a more ethnically favored food-line. Perhaps we will see the Pantalone’s Pizza, or the Giorgio’s Giro, maybe even Sandra’s Souvlaki

With all the financial duress the city is facing it behooves all sane reasoning why they would undertake such an endeavor at this time.

Table 34

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

The other night it was nice to see a member of the board, from TEDCO, at the Churchill Society annual dinner. The Churchill Society is based on advancing parliamentary democracy.

Yes indeed, David J. Mcfadden was there. He is a lawyer, with Gowling Lafleur Henderson, and former MPP with an impressive C.V.

Perhaps after he was finished having dinner with his younger blond secretary he reflected on the fundamental need for openness and transparency in a democracy that was so prevalently referred to by those who took the podium that evening.

Who knows, maybe he will even move to instill such principles at the next TEDCO Board meeting.

Timing is Everything

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Most guilty people know that the best legal defense tactic is to stall and delay.

Such is the case with the legal proceedings involving the disclosure of the sweet-heart lease deal that Toronto Film Studios received from TEDCO, for the Filmport land.

I remember thinking that when the Freedom of Information adjudicator’s ruling was ordered for a judicial review by Miller, that by the time the legal process was finalized, the Filmport would be built.

And so it is, that by the time the judiciary hand down their appeal decision, some three years will have passed; and in essence, this hard fought controversial and scandalous information will be moot.

We missed the boat

Monday, November 12th, 2007

It’s unbelievable that in spite of all the trends, the technology, the political will, and on and on …..the court proceedings for the freedom of information hearings was blacked out last Friday..

Where were the administrators for this office? What about the attorney general’s office, the proponent’s legal team?

what happened?

The webcasting was in part instituted for educational reasons. Such alone was reason enough.

Talk about a case that screams for attention…..for openness…for transparency….for democracy…

Even the presiding judiciary should have made sure that this case was broadcast….

If I was a judge that believed in the democratic principles of democracy, there is no way I would have proceeded without the webcast being turned on….

There is no excuse for this screw up.

Watch that Web …..cast….

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

You might be able to watch the Filmport lease freedom of information proceedings on Friday by logging on to

Back in September, Michael Bryant, Ontario’s Attorney General mandated a pilot project for open and transparent court rooms. Such to be accomplished by live ‘webcasting’ of court proceedings. This footage is subsequently archived on the aforementioned site for 90 days.

This lease is no ordinary deal. It’s a 99-year gig that will essentially augment an already oligopolistic market for studio space in Toronto. Furthermore, it will result in a Walmart, ie. Smart Centre, destroying and displacing many small merchants in Leslieville, the Beach as well as the Toronto Film Studios.

Make no mistake about it; this case is paramount to “good government”. For too long, municipal governments have been able to operate under a veil of secrecy. The appeals judiciary will probe the actions of TEDCO – which is commonly referred to as Toronto’s rogue government agency.

If this case is not on the webcast it will be at the refusal of David Miller, Jeff Steiner and TEDCO’s legal team.

Oh what a tangled web they’ve weaved.


Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

This is the file number.

On Friday, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, room one, will hear the next step in the proceedings for the freedom of information request of the Filmport lease.

TEDCO despite being owned by the City, and despite being ordered by the freedom of information office has refused to disclose this lease agreement

It is a huge huge day for democracy in Toronto.

After the M.F.P. inquiry Miller pronounced he would run a transparent and open City government. Such has not – even remotely – been the case. Miller was the one who ordered this judicial review.

I have written many words on this site about this cover-up.

If justice rules for democracy we will, eventually, be shown that TEDCO’s President, Jeff Steiner, is the highest paid civil servant in Toronto. And furthermore, the Filmport deal will, in fact, cost the Toronto taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.

After all, numbers don’t lie.

So Un-Green…So Un-Cool….

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Jeff Steiner claims TEDCO is so green. Well, not in my books.

For the past year, or so, TEDCO has operated a hazardous waste disposal site, a stone’s throw south of the Don Valley Parkway and Lakeshore Blvd.

This 3 acre site, specifically, is being used to reclaim contaminated soil. TEDCO is utilizing a hocus-pocus remediation technique. The soil is mixed with chemicals, and an excavator flips the soil around for a period of time until the toxicity rates are diluted to a point whereby the test readings fall within the legislated government guidelines.

I wrote about this some time ago. But I did not foresee this breech of the E.P.A. would still be in operation. (See the search bar for the previous posting, “TEDCO and the Brownie Awards” for details.).

Anyway, this site has now been operating for approximately a year.

It boggles my mind that this is allowed to continue.

You see, the location is adjacent to the bicycle path. Furthermore, it now sits directly beside a parking lot filled with school buses. Tens of thousands of cars drive by it everyday. Moreover, there is not one single sign informing the public of the danger that lurks within.

Hello, anyone home at the M.O.E.? How does TEDCO get away with it?

Yesterday, I was meandering by, and I saw a father out with his 2 sons, for a bike ride. Having stopped for a breather, the youngest boy was rubbing his eyes. It was rather windy and the dirt from the piles was being blown around. So I stopped, and felt it incumbent on me to mention the contents of the dirt. The man was in shock. His shocked response was, “….where are the signs… how can they do this here.” I replied, “Yes, that’s your municipal arm’s length agency.”

For God’s sake, Jeff, at least put warning signs up.

Come on, you had the money for the parking signs at your circus.

You made sure every night someone lined the street with the pylons in legally designated parking spots in order to ensure everyone paid for parking at the Cirque De Soleil; even though they could have parked on the street for free.

You’re so un-cool.

Jeffrey Goes to School

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Recently TEDCO submitted a report to city council regarding their proposed “Financial Centre of Excellence”.

I wrote about this a while ago. Steiner is attempting to have this centre move into his castle ie. the new One Waterfront Place, also known as Project Symphony.

This report looks good, citing the various examples that exist around the world. But there is one curious difference; these other centers were established by learning institutions – not some arms length agency of a municipally cash-strapped government.

Because Jeff has a back ground in the capital vulture banking industry does not mean that the taxpayers of Toronto should foot yet another bill. The financial sector of Toronto is strong and vibrant. Much like the film industry was. That is until TEDCO got involved.

No Tender – No Democracy

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

In my very first posting on this site I wrote, “Blanket purchase orders, un-tendered contracts and single sourcing are the TEDCO way.”

And so this practice continues. Recently in the press it was revealed the TEDCO sold close to 17 acres of City property – un-tendered.

Back in February 2006, the City of Toronto transferred 5 parcels of land comprising of close to 100 acres to Tedco.

After all Toronto has learned about the problems of sole sourcing and un-tendered contracts you would think this undemocratic practice would stop.

But then, David Miller is anything but democratic.

Whether, or not Jeff Steiner of TEDCO got a good buck for this property, we the citizens of Toronto need to know the facts; and furthermore, we should have a right to bid on such assets.

Why did we even bother to have the MFP inquiry?