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No Tender – No Democracy

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

In my very first posting on this site I wrote, “Blanket purchase orders, un-tendered contracts and single sourcing are the TEDCO way.”

And so this practice continues. Recently in the press it was revealed the TEDCO sold close to 17 acres of City property – un-tendered.

Back in February 2006, the City of Toronto transferred 5 parcels of land comprising of close to 100 acres to Tedco.

After all Toronto has learned about the problems of sole sourcing and un-tendered contracts you would think this undemocratic practice would stop.

But then, David Miller is anything but democratic.

Whether, or not Jeff Steiner of TEDCO got a good buck for this property, we the citizens of Toronto need to know the facts; and furthermore, we should have a right to bid on such assets.

Why did we even bother to have the MFP inquiry?

Strangers Bearing Gifts

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Last night, Mitch Goldhar, known for his Smart Centre developments, held a meeting at the Morse St. School regarding the tearing down of the Toronto Film Studio and the development of the replacement – a Walmart.

It was a lavish affair, but my mother warned me of strangers bearing gifts.

Indeed, plenty of food and his pretty people adorned the reception area.

But since the meeting was in the east end, Smart Centre thought it prudent to hire 6 pay duty police officers.

Protecting development models was obviously a concern.

What is important to note is how close this development will match the models.

Bucks for Pucks

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

People are applauding Mastercard for donating $160,000.00 to keep the rinks open over Christmas. Come on who’s kidding who? It’s all P.R.

Yes, I agree that it is an historical embarrassment to the city that hosts the Hockey Hall of Fame and is commonly referred to as the mecca of Canada’s game.

Miller’s dastardly reaction to strike at the heart of community is but another example of his “only child syndrome” character defect. He does not have a clue about the passion Canadians have for the game of hockey. After all, his roots are from the U.K. and at Harvard he preferred rugby.

Its all about priorities. All Miller had to do was tell the city’s transportation department to hold off on buying 3 of the 20 vans that are currently out for tender. But oh no! He dare not offend the City’s union! Seriously, how hard would it have been to go and say, “Listen run the best three trucks for another year. I need that money to keep the rinks open”.

Moreover, the one unfortunate aspect of our game is the cost. Hockey is an expensive sport. Many families simply can no longer afford it.

Mastercard’s donation would have been better served by donating the money to the needy children that are financially unable to play hockey. Such would have been provided a great Christmas present to some 320 kids.

Forcible Decline – Trailer Two

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Now available on You Tube.

Enter “forcible decline – trailer two” on the search bar.

Or Click Here to view the video.

Go to ‘Forcible Decline: Trailer Two

The irrefutable evidence is condemning.

See some of the players eat their own hypocritical words.

It’s a classic case of “bait and switch”.

What blows my mind is why members of the mainstream press are not jumping all over this story of municipal corruption.

The grass roots are growing.

Eventually they will have no choice but to start reporting.

City and SmartCentres Conspire to Confound Leslieville Neighbors

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Give the local residents of Leslieville some credit – they came out in strong numbers at the OMB pre-hearing yesterday, and even dressed someone up as a SmartCentres penguin to hand out “no big box” flyers. Overall, an excellent example of stalwart neighbourhood spirit in the face of corporate greed. Too bad their faith in their City now appears misplaced…

To the astonishment of all present, the City did not provide the OMB with their all-important “issues list” for the TFS/SmartCentres rezoning application, even though the Board had previously ordered all parties to do so at this very hearing and even though the City had several weeks to prepare for this hearing.

The City’s lame excuse of not yet knowing the “framework” of the application doesn’t hold water…how did less-sophisticated stakeholders and landowners of the surrounding lands like Loblaws and Canada Post come up with issues while the City could not? Do these organizations have entire planning departments that rival the City’s? The answer is no.

The result of this highly suspicious dropping of the ball by our City is now an additionally-scheduled pre-hearing on October 30th, and you can bet the attendance numbers of the neighbours will be lower…people need to work, too.

What a shame that the fighting spirit of this neighbourhood is being dissipated by its own City, and by its own Councilor who opened the door for TFS to rezone three years ago…

How long, I wonder, before this same Councilor utters the trademark NDP “we tried” excuse, much in the same way Adam Vaughn did earlier this week as Home Depot positioned itself perfectly to get approval to build on Queen Street West?

Thanks to the City’s move yesterday, that day is now looking more likely…

Leon’s in the Roundhouse, Home Depot on Queen West, Wal Mart in Leslieville…in the end, Miller and his cronies will indeed have left a lasting mark on our City…

please note this article was donated to the site….

Ohh Ohh

Monday, October 1st, 2007

It has been publicly reported late last week that Corus is restructuring.

Last week they closed their Vancouver office.

That’s a total of 4 offices now. Edmonton, the UK and LA have already closed.

Makes me wonder. Does Jeff Steiner have a solid guarantee on the lease and the square footage? What penalties are within the lease should either party not close?

I know if I was bankrolling this venture I would be nervous.