Treehouse and My Mom

Treehouse is a children’s channel put out by Corus that hosts some wonderful programming for those under 5 or 6 years of age.

One cartoon is the Bernstein Bears. In one episode Brother Bear must stand up to a bully. The bully reacts by retreating.

My mother was a tad upset to say the least in regards to yesterday’s subjective posting.

In an attempt to explain my reasoning I told her about the Brother Bear story. Furthermore, I explained to my mom that after watching 25 dvd’s of council meetings I was absolutely sickened by some actions of certain councilors.

It was apparent that certain councilors were apprehensive to tangle with the stronger debutants like Don Cormondy or the owner of Absolute – both of whom were very informed on the details. However with other disputants, in particular the females, David Miller would talk down to and forcefully intimidate them. It was disgusting.

Peter Lucas who was also very up on the subject matter was cut off each and every time he took the mike. I thought this was disgraceful treatment to a man who I imagine has paid taxes in this country for 50 years.

Anyway I ended up showing my mom some of the footage and she had to agree.

Just like Sister Bear nobody likes a bully.

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