Miller Misses Chance for Patriotic Leadership

I don’t agree with war. Few people do. But I also believe Chamberlain was wrong.

Recently in the news there has been an issue over our 911 heroes wanting to show their continued support through a ribbon decal campaign on the fire trucks and ambulances owned by our city.

The issue has been brought before council and they are debating to remove these decals.

Why am I not shocked that Miller is failing to show patriotic leadership on this issue?

Last Friday I was driving along the 401 to the cottage. As I passed the first overpass I noticed people looking over the eastern edge of the bridge. I thought maybe someone just jumped. Then at the next bridge people were waving Canadian flags. And on and on, at each and every overpass there were people, fire trucks, ambulances and many many Canadian flags proudly held high blowing in the wind.

And there I am, a curious George wondering the whole way out what’s going on. Is the Pope in town?

Finally, I get off at my exit and pulled over. A gentle soul, a senior, maybe a veteran told me they were waiting for the 57th solider killed in action. He explained that Canadian soldiers who give their lives for this country are flown into Trenton for a military ceremony and are then driven to Toronto for an autopsy. He said, “we are here showing our troops respect.”

Nothing is real until it is personal. I was moved to tears seeing these Canadians who have taken up this practice to salute our fallen heroes.

A short time later, the chopper, many cruisers and the solder’s body passed – along with the tears of gratitude.

Sadly, today three more young Canadians lost their lives.

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