Turtle the Tedco Tenant

In business many can get away with a lot – but when it comes to food there is zero tolerance.

As consumers we trustingly accept the safety of food products. When this public trust is broken the consequential reaction has been historically swift.

A book titled “The Jungle” was written in the early 1900’s by the socialist author Upton Sinclair. His work launched an investigation into the filthy conditions of the Chicago meatpacking plants. This resulted in an angered Teddy Roosevelt promptly legislating the Food and Drug Act – F.D.A. (1906).

Now I have written more than a few words on this site about Tedco’s landlord-tenant relationship with Turtle Island Recycling. Indeed, Ted the co-founder of Turtle has tipped more than a few with Jeff Steiner in Turtle’s corporate box at the ACC. But how can Jeff possibly substantiate this continued tenancy on Tedco land, given the latest Turtle Island nightmare, which involves criminal charges being laid by the police for reselling tainted Hershey chocolate?

Turtle was, in fact, contracted for the product destruction of these Hershey chocolates that were recalled, in November 2006, for containing salmonella.

My insiders tell me that a budget rental vehicle was driven to work over a 2 week period; whereby, the chocolate was loaded nightly into this van and delivered to retail establishments in southern Ontario.

Now I don’t know if the owners of Turtle Island were involved with this distribution. But the question the judge will want answered is why the food was not destroyed in a timely manner? Why were employees allowed access to these products? And how many times in the past have tainted food products that Turtle was suppose destroy end up being resold.

Aside from this calamity, Turtle’s operation is located directly beside the lake. How were they allowed to establish a waste disposal site on this Tedco property?

Furthermore, it is commonly known that they illegally dump sewage from their portable toilet operation as well as food renderings. Such is why the city regularly has their power vac truck outside Turtle’s gates on Cherry St.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is repeatedly at their site for many violations. Drivers are regularly pushed to drive beyond the legal time limits. Turtle’s most infamous case involved a 20 yr old with 3 months experience who was on the road for 15 hours in the 30c heat with a tandem garbage truck, contracted by the City of Toronto, when he ran over and killed a young 8 year old. This cost Turtle their primary financial backing from a French conglomerate. Turtle rebounded and found Whitecastle Private Equity Partners which is controlled by, Eph Diamond, the former co-founder of Cadillac Fairview.

No amount of Castles, Diamonds, or Cadillacs will save Turtle this time.

Hershey’s is a $5 billion a year company and this debacle is a public relations disaster. The negative impact on their world product mandate will without a doubt bring a litigious end to Turtle Island. Turtle has no defense for their negligence.

Speaking of defense: what defense does Tedco have for allowing this fiasco of an operation to continue to pollute the Toronto waterfront on a daily basis?

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