Be Careful of What you Wish For

When Harris downloaded, in particular, social services, onto the city there were legitimate cries for help from city council.

Every year the city cried and every year the province was there to bail them out.

Low and behold came the provincial legislation called The City of Toronto Act.

Miller clicked his heals when this act was made law; for now he had the power to levy new taxes and thus generate needed revenue.
I’m not sure he realizes how much he was sucked in by the province.

Without question as Toronto City Council debates these new taxes many of its voting members are playing “Russian Roulette”.

Vote “yes” and stay in Miller’s good books for the balance of this term but then run the risk that this issue may ultimately cost you your seat come election time.

I know if I was an opponent of a “yes” incumbent during the next election I would be all over it during the campaign.

A “no” could cost a committee chairmanship.

Indeed the province in no longer the bad guy for the city’s financial woes.

Now the dirty work of taxation is in the hands of Miller.

From what I am hearing about the rancorous opposition at city hall today I am sure Miller is wishing someone else had his job.

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