Toronto City Council Defers Tax Debate

Far more compelling to the left wing loss of the yesterday’s tax vote was the first real stinging political defeat as Mayor of Toronto for David Miller.

Many will historically view this as the turning point in Miller’s political fortune.

But in my view this turning point came when he usurped the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corp and inserted his campaign co-chair Jack Diamond as the architect for TEDCO’s “project symphony”. This indisputable unethical patronage appointment was done despite a 20 million dollar world wide competition. The TWRC committee had made a decision and it was not Jack Diamond.

In Millers mind I really think he believes that Toronto needs this revenue.

But you can’t suck and blow.

And now.his fellow councilors have forged a team, drawn the battle line, and served a dish of odium that he will eat for the last of his term as Mayor of the City of Toronto.

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