David Has a Diaper Attack

David has a diaper attack.

It’s no fluke the miller is having a melt down in the wake of the Toronto tax vote loss.

It’s called, the “only child syndrome”.

In making all these petulant pronouncements to cuts like the Sheppard line I noticed that there was no mention of cutting Miller’s pet projects.

So if there is noooooo money where is Miller going to get the funds to build Tedco’s project symphony? It appears that this $150 million project is already taking longer than planned.

TEDCO’s rush to evict Cinespace from mt28 was a foolish and costly draconian economic move. Once again the Toronto film industry and the City of Toronto as a whole have lost the benefits of valuable production money this summer because of poor political ego-driven policy decisions.

The outstanding questions regarding this piece of real estate will need to be answered.

How long will MT28 remain standing? What if the project symphony is not built? What will be the litigious fallout out between Corus and TEDCO – and thus the taxpayer’s of Toronto?

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