Union Dues

I would like to be clear that I don’t believe that we live in a black or white world.

Hence my knock on city services was not directed at the many men and woman who serve this city.

My criticism was aimed at the poor systematic policy decisions.

Obviously politicians should not be taking pay raises in times of economic duress.

However, in a grey world I believe politicians are underpaid. But then, if you are going to run for office it should absolutely not be for monetary reasons.

Nevertheless, when cutbacks occur on the backs of the working people while elected officials pass personal pay increases then what do we expect but a deflation of morale?

When bureaucrats lack accountability while ruling their fiefdoms are workers supposed to give more?

For instance how is a cook at the Metro Convention Centre supposed to feel when he looks at the head chef who is collecting a $185000.00 dollars a year salary? To add to this insult the beverage manager snags a cool $165000.00.

Some of these management salaries are insane. And you have to believe that to some extent it is a morale killer.

So I believe that many union men and women work hard for their money – and their families.

It takes a lot of paddles in the water to row a boat as big as the city so when setting course all the crew deserves their due of respect.

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