Sailing Away…..

The demolition hoarding is now up at MT28.

The crew is wrecking full steam ahead.

I would imagine Jeff Steiner would rather have the Allsop building to move into, when considering, the blaaaa architectural design put forward by Jack Diamond – David Miller’s co-chair.

But being right on the water will have some advantages.

And so in another fine moment of great decision making by TEDCO, they picked a demolition company that a year or two ago knocked down a building and a wall fell on the neighboring property that was occupied by a school filled with children and yes there were many kids injured and even a fatality.

Priestly subsequently changed the company logo and I am not sure if the factual incorporated name has changed. The government fine was $200,000.00, and the lawsuits were many.

Way to go Jeff. Great choice.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Vince Nigro received a spanking brand new suburban, directly from Vic Priestly, when he worked for TEDCO, as V.P. Operations, before moving into his cozy relationship with MFP?

So Jeff, since your new office will be by the lake, tell Vick you want a boat.

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