What’s That Smell…

“Cirque de Soleil” is changing names, temporarily, while in Toronto, to “Cirque de Stinky”.

TEDCO officials are beside themselves, and complaints are growing over the “eau de toilette” in the air at the circus.

This could turn into a Seinfeld episode. Remember when Jerry lets a valet move his car and for the next 30 minutes the cast deals with the after effects from his stinky Saab?

The TEDCO office is becoming known as “brain cramp central”. Did they forget their thinking caps when locating this event across the street from a waste disposal facility?

Smelly Turtle Island Recycling is putting a damper on a pricey evening for circus goers. I ‘m sure the portable toilet operation and the nightly dumping of raw sewage a mere hundred yards away is passing wind.

The barrage of garbage trucks are leaving droppings on the road and some cars, failing to negotiate, have been seen pulled over with flat tires. My advice is to make sure your C.A.A. is up to date.

And what ever you do, turn off the air conditioner when approaching or your car could get “Seinfelded”.

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