The Greatest Gift

Recently, in the press there was a sad incident regarding the loss of a young man’s life, from what many refer to as a “panhandler”.

Harold Drummond wrote a book, called “The Greatest Gift of All” that may help some to understand.

The thesis of this masterpiece emanates from ancient scriptures and is based on “faith hope and charity”. Drummond asserts that charity is that greatest gift.

It has been said, life does turns on a dime.

And such was the case on my way to the Hummingbird Centre, with my family, to see Big Bird and his friends. As I turned the corner, suddenly, a man reached out his cap, and asked, if I could spare some change. My son looked up, as I reached in my pocket. Walking away, hand in hand, I could feel the emotion swell into tears. And even as I write today, I am overcome with a deep sense of gratitude for this moment in time. I was given an opportunity.

All I can be to my children is an example. It is so vitally important that I show them acts of charity. I want so much for them to learn to give back.

Years ago, in university having flown to New York, for $37.00 on People’s Express, I encountered my first person, with a cap in hand. Roll the clock forward and Toronto, now, has many such people. We live in a big city.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even have all the questions. But I do know that I am a very blessed person and do feel better when I reach in my pocket.

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