They’re at the Post

A Post veteran, namely Terrence Corcoran, wrote a great piece on the 14th of this month.

Unfortunately, today, there was a correction notice retracting Corcoran’s assertion that the city is subsidizing the Filmport development.

The National Post had been covering the corruption regarding TEDCO, Filmport, Toronto Film Studio, the proposed Wal-Mart at 629 Eastern as well as a host of other players involved in this crooked saga of corporate greed.

Yes, there had been a number of the Post’s more junior reporters on this beat. And yes, several months ago the Post’s coverage was producing some hard hitting investigative work.

But, looking back over the last 60 days the Post’s coverage on TEDCO has done an about-face.

Who got to who? Why the change from truthful reporting to controlled media propaganda?

Without a doubt in my mind, Corcoran is correct in writing that the Filmport is being subsidized. You ask how I am so certain?

Well as I reported earlier, Jeffrey Steiner refused to disclose the lease. When the adjudicator for the Freedom of Information Office ordered the lease to be produced, Miller ordered a judicial review.

What’s the big secret? And when I say big, I mean this cover-up goes all the way to the Mayor’s office.

To add fuel to the fire, the City openly acknowledged that Corus will receive a huge tax incentive to move into TEDCO’s “Project Symphony”. So obviously, the Filmport incentive is far greater than that of the Corus deal. If the subsidy was less, then Corus’, logic dictates, that the Filmport lease would be out there for the public to review.

Also the leaked TEDCO documents that I produced earlier showed initial Filmport negotiations referring to various subsidies. And with protracted compromise comes giving a little here and a little there. So as both sides reached a mutual agreement the subsidies increased.

Now, I would like to know, who at the Post has compromised their journalistic integrity and ordered today’s retraction?

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