Blowing Smoke

Do you think Miller has totally lost grasp with reality. Are any of his advisors capable telling him the truth? Weak leaders tend to surround themselves with “yes men” who blow smoke you know where.

It takes a while, and a lot of discipline, to have your people tell you the truth. As a leader it’s something you have to seek constantly. What is your opinion? What are your thoughts? What would you do? These are questions you repeatedly ask your team.

It boggles my mind, why Miller would open up a web site on these new taxes. Did he think he was going to evoke a tax-love fest?

Talk about creating a lightning rod. With all the political public relations fiascos Miller has suffered this year, it’s almost as if his advisors are out for sabotage.

Torontonians are some of the most heavily taxed people on this continent. We want tax cuts. We want you to bring the unions under control. We want you to stop these costly pet projects.

I would really really love to get a copy of the searing responses that people are bombarding at this web site.

Miller was a no show at the public consultation meetings on these taxes and I doubt if he even has the guts to read these emails.

In all likelihood, he will pay some functionary to write him a sugar-coated report.

Why on God’s green earth would anyone who lives in Toronto support more taxes? Miller must be smoking something.

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