When the Going Gets Tough

The tough get going.

And that’s what Priestly is going to do down at the MT28 demo site.

Priestly’s big machines made it look a piece of cake to knock down the actual structure.

But the toughest part of demolishing MT28 is the removal of the pillars that supported the building. The fact that these pillars are 40 feet below the surface is one thing but since this site is located next to the shoreline makes this job really tough.

Priestly is attempting to leave the job, without removing these pillars. Hence, without fulfilling all the terms of the contract with TEDCO.

Priestly bid this job and knew about the pillars. Perhaps this scam was prearranged so that they had an unfair advantage in bidding. The other contractors factored the high degree of difficulty in removing the pillars and adjusted their quotes accordingly.

So, don’t invite Priestly to your kids’ birthday party. They’ll eat the icing and leave the cake.

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