The C of A

Four million to Six million.

That is the dollar value that it will cost to remove the contaminated soil from “Project Symphony” a.k.a. The First Waterfront Place.

This figure was determined recently when Priestly Demolition miraculously discovered the pillars underneath MT 28.

With all the money TEDCO has spent on environmental engineers, how could they not budget for this cost?

The M.O.E. were on the scene and gave TEDCO a choice to either remove all contaminated soil or apply for a “certificate of approval” and register the property as a contaminated site

TEDCO offered to use their “hocus pocus” remediation technique. This is the same charade that they are using on the Filmport where they have stored the contaminated material for 8 months by the Don Roadway, for everybody to drive by and breathe the polluted particles.

Furthermore, cleaning the old MT28 site will push the Corus occupancy date back. In all likelihood, the over hold provision of the Corus leases, in Liberty Village, will kick in. This generally represents three times the monthly rent. The question then becomes, will the City be on the hook for paying this tab?

So the cost to build now stands at approximately at $164 million and the overrun expenses are starting to climb.

I have to believe that the heart and soul of Corus is their creative staff. Having children I have a certain degree of experience viewing the Corus products. I can only assume that these individuals possess a high degree of moral fiber. Henceforth, I can’t see TEDCO getting away with building on this site without properly removing the contaminated soil.

There would be a mutiny at Corus if they had to occupy a registered contaminated site.

Maybe, for once, TEDCO will be forced to properly clean a site.

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