You Don’t Need A Crystal Ball

Turtle Island Recycling is actually expanding the operations of their waste disposal facility that sits directly on the waterfront.

The auto scrap yard fire last week that darkened the Toronto sky line is nothing compared to the future environmental tragedy that will happen on the waterfront. Eventually, Turtle will have a fire at their facility.

It’s not ‘if’ – it’s ‘when’.

Last I heard Turtle was on a month to month tenancy. If so, why are they installing over a million dollars in new equipment? It is absolutely insane that they are allowed to operate a waste transfer station 16 feet from the water’s edge. For God’s sake, there is not even a containment wall. The drains predate any of the current requirements for pollution interceptors.

Hello anyone home at the TEDCO office? What about the Ministry of the Environment?

The Diamond family financially backs Turtle and has developed a cozy relationship with Jeff Steiner.

In a previous career, Steiner was involved in the merchant banking industry. Since the Diamond family is a major player in this industry (much like Sam Riseman) do you really think it’s a fluke that TEDCO has so many special provisions for these corporate vultures?

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