Coming up next week… details on the following:

Moscoe is feeling the heat so I have been told. Can you imagine your mother or father having to prove the validity of a disability? Really. Some would say we should medically test his competence. Miller picks the winners.

Also next week I have great info coming on another Miller favorite: Sandra Bussin. Apparently, in a classic move, she waited late into the night during a council meeting to move for passage of a food and booze monopoly for the Boardwalk Cafe. The term of the lease is 20 years. This was done without tender. This monopoly will cover all the beach front lands from from Leslie to Victoria Park. I suppose this was the bone the lap-dog was given for marching to Miller’s tune.

Oh, and by the way, Bussin was the chair of the committee that picked the new TEDCO board. The one that Steiner and Miller stacked. Also, Bussin vs, the Church.

And what about the 500 million the city wants to borrow?

Plus: in the not too distant future, I will provide some illuminating insight into the c.v. of Jeffrey Steiner. Just want to make sure he is completely truthful about his past, you understand.

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