Bucks for Pucks

People are applauding Mastercard for donating $160,000.00 to keep the rinks open over Christmas. Come on who’s kidding who? It’s all P.R.

Yes, I agree that it is an historical embarrassment to the city that hosts the Hockey Hall of Fame and is commonly referred to as the mecca of Canada’s game.

Miller’s dastardly reaction to strike at the heart of community is but another example of his “only child syndrome” character defect. He does not have a clue about the passion Canadians have for the game of hockey. After all, his roots are from the U.K. and at Harvard he preferred rugby.

Its all about priorities. All Miller had to do was tell the city’s transportation department to hold off on buying 3 of the 20 vans that are currently out for tender. But oh no! He dare not offend the City’s union! Seriously, how hard would it have been to go and say, “Listen run the best three trucks for another year. I need that money to keep the rinks open”.

Moreover, the one unfortunate aspect of our game is the cost. Hockey is an expensive sport. Many families simply can no longer afford it.

Mastercard’s donation would have been better served by donating the money to the needy children that are financially unable to play hockey. Such would have been provided a great Christmas present to some 320 kids.

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