No Tender – No Democracy

In my very first posting on this site I wrote, “Blanket purchase orders, un-tendered contracts and single sourcing are the TEDCO way.”

And so this practice continues. Recently in the press it was revealed the TEDCO sold close to 17 acres of City property – un-tendered.

Back in February 2006, the City of Toronto transferred 5 parcels of land comprising of close to 100 acres to Tedco.

After all Toronto has learned about the problems of sole sourcing and un-tendered contracts you would think this undemocratic practice would stop.

But then, David Miller is anything but democratic.

Whether, or not Jeff Steiner of TEDCO got a good buck for this property, we the citizens of Toronto need to know the facts; and furthermore, we should have a right to bid on such assets.

Why did we even bother to have the MFP inquiry?

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