So Un-Green…So Un-Cool….

Jeff Steiner claims TEDCO is so green. Well, not in my books.

For the past year, or so, TEDCO has operated a hazardous waste disposal site, a stone’s throw south of the Don Valley Parkway and Lakeshore Blvd.

This 3 acre site, specifically, is being used to reclaim contaminated soil. TEDCO is utilizing a hocus-pocus remediation technique. The soil is mixed with chemicals, and an excavator flips the soil around for a period of time until the toxicity rates are diluted to a point whereby the test readings fall within the legislated government guidelines.

I wrote about this some time ago. But I did not foresee this breech of the E.P.A. would still be in operation. (See the search bar for the previous posting, “TEDCO and the Brownie Awards” for details.).

Anyway, this site has now been operating for approximately a year.

It boggles my mind that this is allowed to continue.

You see, the location is adjacent to the bicycle path. Furthermore, it now sits directly beside a parking lot filled with school buses. Tens of thousands of cars drive by it everyday. Moreover, there is not one single sign informing the public of the danger that lurks within.

Hello, anyone home at the M.O.E.? How does TEDCO get away with it?

Yesterday, I was meandering by, and I saw a father out with his 2 sons, for a bike ride. Having stopped for a breather, the youngest boy was rubbing his eyes. It was rather windy and the dirt from the piles was being blown around. So I stopped, and felt it incumbent on me to mention the contents of the dirt. The man was in shock. His shocked response was, “….where are the signs… how can they do this here.” I replied, “Yes, that’s your municipal arm’s length agency.”

For God’s sake, Jeff, at least put warning signs up.

Come on, you had the money for the parking signs at your circus.

You made sure every night someone lined the street with the pylons in legally designated parking spots in order to ensure everyone paid for parking at the Cirque De Soleil; even though they could have parked on the street for free.

You’re so un-cool.

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