Thank you for reading

I want to thank you all for reading The website hits zoomed up yesterday, bigtime, I guess because of the sign on MT-28. I started this gig in January 2007 and I am amazed at the numbers.

I will continue to publish information to try and bring some accountabililty to our municipal affairs. Hopefully some of these gutless newspapers will grab hold and run with some of this info., most of which is found in the public domain. Really, it is lack of action by the traditional media that has caused this state of decay. Section 2(b) of our charter allows us the right to speak up.

Speaking of the public domain, Jeffrey Steiner and TEDCO are the only government agency in Ontario to not provide salary disclosure. This means that Steiner, as CEO, is breaking the law. The law is called the “Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act”. Google it.

Speaking of waste, take a look at the jump in the number of people now working for the government making over $100,000. Look back 5 years and count the numbers and check last year. The jump is staggering, and some of the salaries leave me speechless when I consider the governments lack of priorities. For instance, did you know that the head chef at the Metro Convention Centre makes $185,000.00? And the head beverage manager at this Convention Centre makes $160,000.00? It is sad when you compare this to what a doctor makes in this province.

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