This is the file number.

On Friday, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, room one, will hear the next step in the proceedings for the freedom of information request of the Filmport lease.

TEDCO despite being owned by the City, and despite being ordered by the freedom of information office has refused to disclose this lease agreement

It is a huge huge day for democracy in Toronto.

After the M.F.P. inquiry Miller pronounced he would run a transparent and open City government. Such has not – even remotely – been the case. Miller was the one who ordered this judicial review.

I have written many words on this site about this cover-up.

If justice rules for democracy we will, eventually, be shown that TEDCO’s President, Jeff Steiner, is the highest paid civil servant in Toronto. And furthermore, the Filmport deal will, in fact, cost the Toronto taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.

After all, numbers don’t lie.

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