Watch that Web …..cast….

You might be able to watch the Filmport lease freedom of information proceedings on Friday by logging on to

Back in September, Michael Bryant, Ontario’s Attorney General mandated a pilot project for open and transparent court rooms. Such to be accomplished by live ‘webcasting’ of court proceedings. This footage is subsequently archived on the aforementioned site for 90 days.

This lease is no ordinary deal. It’s a 99-year gig that will essentially augment an already oligopolistic market for studio space in Toronto. Furthermore, it will result in a Walmart, ie. Smart Centre, destroying and displacing many small merchants in Leslieville, the Beach as well as the Toronto Film Studios.

Make no mistake about it; this case is paramount to “good government”. For too long, municipal governments have been able to operate under a veil of secrecy. The appeals judiciary will probe the actions of TEDCO – which is commonly referred to as Toronto’s rogue government agency.

If this case is not on the webcast it will be at the refusal of David Miller, Jeff Steiner and TEDCO’s legal team.

Oh what a tangled web they’ve weaved.

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