Let’s take a look at TEDCO…

I am seeking the removal of Jeffrey Steiner as CEO of TEDCO.

Most of you know that TEDCO has had its problems. From former VP Bob Howald (now at Canada Lands Corporation) having a free cottage built for him, to Dove Altman receiving a free Saab car, to former CEO Fred Eisan cutting Stavro a plum lease without the board’s approval, to Betty Disero sleeping with Romano for the 99 year lease… and on and on.

I can and probably will mention some other newsworthy topics on a later post, but today I would like to focus on Jeffrey Steiner. Why is it, that if you or I worked for the government in Ontario we would have to report our salary to the Ontario Minister of Finance under the Disclosure Act? TEDCO at one brief time did report their salaries, but they don’t anymore. Steiner thinks he is above the law. Do you realize that all of you are allowing Steiner and TEDCO to be the only government agency in all of Ontario to not report under this law?

Right and wrong do make a difference.

Does any one have the inside scoop on TEDCO office politics? Steiner’s abusive management style has forced some of the TEDCO office staff to literally seek therapy. It’s an inside joke there: “Steiner is a candidate for lithium”.

What about his claim on his bio that he was the chief of staff for Defense and Indian Affairs. I searched… hard… and I could not find any official record. Maybe one of his schmooze buddies at the Albany Club could please verify.

Here’s a good one… what about the legal fees paid the to the milk machine Robin Appleby and Taub? That is a sin – taxpayers are getting hosed big time. Big time. As soon as Robins Appleby and Taub get a file they milk it for all it’s worth. It is criminal the amount of money they are charging, and we can’t even see the amounts because of solicitor client privilege.

Why not outsource the legal work? There must be a reason. It’s not Steiner’s money but he sure loves spending it on legals. TEDCO has its own in-house council. The city has its own in-house council. Can you imagine what we could do with the millions of dollars TEDCO paid Robin Appleby and Taub in the last 15 years? Millions of dollars…

What about the environment? D.C.S., their environmental consultants, have been paid millions. What a farce. Has anybody ever taken a real look at what they are really doing for the money? Boy oh boy lots of free trips from this file for ol’ Jeffie boy.

So they have spent millions with D.C.S., with all their expertise, and guess what they miss? Let me tell you… sooner or later, on the front page of every major daily newspaper, will be a TEDCO property and one of TEDCO’s tenants. And it is only a matter of time…

The Turtle Island Recycling transfer station: everybody involved needs their ass kicked here. Turtle Island and the City of Toronto dump waste material, 1500 tons per day, right on the waterfront. This facility has no retaining wall around the pier, and the building has a low tar roof. There is 30 foot roadway around 75 per cent of its perimeter. Now when a fire happens… not “if”, “when”…

Remember Harkow’s fire burned for 5 days on Commissioner St. At Turtle island Recycling, fire trucks will only be able to fight the fire from the east side of the building. There is no way the firefighters will be able to hit the building from the north, south or east because there is only a 30 foot roadway. The heat caused by the low tar roof means the fire boat will accomplish little.

To make matters worse, the boys from Turtle also pay the guy off who manages the 500 foot ship berthed in front of the transfer station to hide what they are doing.

Now, imagine pouring water on that building for 3 or 4 days. No retaining wall. All that water and environmental contaminants from the garbage will directly pour into Lake Ontario.

Go down to their facility on Cherry St. and take a look. Any fire will make for a spectacular picture on the front page of every major paper in Toronto.

Turtle Island Recycling, and its owners Ted Manziaris and Louis Anagnostakos, have their very own private box at the Air Canada Centre. And guess who’s a great fan of the Leafs and Leafs games? Could it be the same Mr. Jeffrey Steiner?

Blanket purchase orders, untendered contracts, and single sourcing are the TEDCO way

More will be revealed in the near future.

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