The Comparison and the Fallout Continues

If you want to see the difference take a look at the Playback magazine, you see, there was a time we in Toronto had the momentum. Last weekend I could only look back with fond memories of the mutual feelings we had in making “Chicago”. Yes, Toronto was just humping at that time. The stars love it here, it’s clean, it’s safe, it’s not too far off the beaten path, Yorkville is cool to hang out.

We are now seeing the hulk. I remember when the directors guild report was at 9 pages.

SARS was beyond our control, but policy does make a difference.

The ORC committed a sin with Corktown. Those stages were built by a visionary that never even took a paycheque home. Every dime he made went back in to that studio space. Jeffrey Steiner, David Miller and the TEDCO machine roared over MT28.

The movie money is found money, and with the blink of an eye it goes somewhere else. And today that could be Prague, Sydney Australia, Vancouver, etc. The international competition is growing.

Toronto has so much going for it, but studio space is the key to our success.

Check out Playback magazine on the web. And look at the difference in the amount of studio space between Toronto and Vancouver. Vancouver has way over double the amount, plus a real variety. The more space, the more movies. If the producer gets the financial green light, right off the hop he or she is looking for the best available studio space.

These policy makers think that by attempting to monopolize the studio space and eliminating the competition will give the Filmport a better chance to succeed. That’s not the way it works. The loss of studio space has a cascading economic effect. The net result is exponential loss. For a period of time now many have been without work. For instance many of the carpenters are back doing residential construction. One movie car company closed. Today alone Laird Fx (one of the oldest, if not the oldest special effect companies in T.O.) was seen moving out of their rental shop. And word has it he had to sell the building. Further, he finally had to lay off 9 of his long time highly skilled people. And on and on. The poor directors, set designers, directors of photography, and all down the chain, where do they go? And on and on… the wood supplier… the caterer… the paint supplier…

And all that space with Ken Ferguson is a huge mistake. There are so many producers that will never do business with him again. I quote directly: “once was enough”.

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