The city is a “dangerous employer”…

What a joke.

The city employee hurts his big toe, so he goes on “comp”.

The “pain is so great” his doctor perscribes Oxy’s. He doesn’t need them all, and you know he is only getting 66 per cent of his normal pay, so he is forced to go down to his local Coffee Time – just so he can make ends meet – and sell the Oxy’s for a fin a pill.

After a while he starts eating too many of the Oxy’s, so he goes to the doctor again and the doc puts him on the meth program. The stress was too much at the city.

Next thing is… long term disability. Well you know there is a lot less money on long term, so he needs more Oxy’s. So he brings the doc McDonald’s on a Sunday morning to the doc’s house.

“Oh ya that doc he is a great guy… no problem… he gives me all he pills I need…”

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