He Is One Smooth Diamond

The Toronto waterfront has been a diamond in the rough for too long. The government infighting over this land has gone on literally since the start of the 20th century.

Moving forward. In time, Toronto comes to the realization that it does not have the dough to develop the waterfront. And so the years of political wrangling conclude with the three levels of government coming to a mutual consensus.

Thus the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation was born. And they hire a CEO at close to $500,000.00 per year as its leader. And yes the salary is publically diclosed. Great news, eh?

The TWRC decides to have a $20 million design competition. After many meetings, the winner proposes among other things a 20 metre promenade with a 5 metre boardwalk. The infamous Jack Diamond of Diamond & Schidt proposes a 15 metre promenade with no boardwalk. The winners design looks great.

Well lo and behold, TEDCO decides that they only want Diamond to do this work. The TWRC and the selection committee are left bewildered. They thought it was their job to move forward with the design and development.

Ahhh, but wait a minute… not when the city’s arms length agency called TEDCO is involved. TEDCO has its very own rule book. And so does Miller.

The following is but another example of Miller’s inablity to live up to the words “democratic integrity”.

Miller muscles his way on the TWRC board as its only elected official of the 12 sitting board members. He then makes a decree that the TEDCO land will have Jack Diamond as the sole designer and their will be no tendering process.

Now ol’ Jack is a busy man. An Order of Canada recipient. Principal in his firm. Well connected. And, he is to say the least, one smooth diamond.

Oh I almost forgot. He was David Miller’s co-chair in the last mayoralty election.

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