Mayor Bloomberg Gets the Job Done in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg in NYC gets it, while our mayor, Mr. hair dippity do nothing Miller doesn’t. In order to change things we have to change the view of industry from the top. That means that both the provincial and the Toronto Film Board office need a shake up.

We need to start with a film friendly mayor. Bloomberg’s film friendly actions have turned the NYC film industry completely around. With Giuliani at the helm producers and directors loathed to film in The Big Apple, but who is kidding who, what would you expect from a polically motivated mayor?

Bloomberg is a businessman who received 1 dollar in salary. He is a man of financial and political independence that is motivated by civic pride. His film industry efforts have brought thousands of new jobs and over the last 2 years, NYC has produced over 2.4 billion in productions.

Many of us know that a percentage of this production at one point would have landed in “Toronto the Good”.

What can we do to change and use this NYC approach as our guide to create our own “Made In T.O.” incentive programs?

Miller’s actions speak so loud I can’t hear what he is saying. In the last 18 months the Toronto Film Board have not had one meeting. Who is at the helm? You guessed it – dippity do nothing Miller.

If Toronto had a film friendly mayor, our production would be averaging over 1 billion dollars annually. Our industry has proved that we can get the job done.

What is the big secret with the filmport lease? Come on, what is the REAL long term plan? A convention centre? A casino? If the filmport is indeed only going to be a film studio, ,then what is the big secret? Either put your broom away, or up the lease.

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