Damning Documents Doing the Rounds – Miller and Steiner Give Away the Store

Well. Eventually, this story might hit the mainstream press….. regarding the confidental emails between the power brokers of the filmport deal.

Without getting into a long explanation of the details, here’s the skinny: Miller’s weak ego needs feeding. He sees the waterfront as a place to leave his mark. In doing so his actions personify the “ends justify the means” approach. Indeed, Miller’s “utilitarian” endeavors will prove to be the most costly mistakes ever made in the history of Toronto.

TEDCO’s leader, Steiner also suffers from this affliction.

Together they felt that the movie industry needed a world class facility, or that’s what their spin doctors were claiming.

Moving along, TEDCO approached some studio operators. Few were interested.

This lack of interest is first, because a seasoned businessman knows a government body is the worst landlord to have. (Why? Simply put, in times of disagreement, it is very hard to fight a bottomless pit of litigious money.) Second, TEDCO’s reputation precedes itself.

In the end the emails show that TEDCO had two choices for the filmport. One was the TFS offer, the other an offer from a UK studio. TEDCO went with the TFS offer which, according to the leaked documents, was far and away the weaker offer.

TFS subsequently went on to trumpet that their good efforts would reward the Toronto film industry through increased studio availablity. Meanwhile, behind the scenes and at the same time, they were attempting to get the current studio space rezoned for another use. First it was condos, but now (and now matters), this property at 629 Eastern Avenue is in front of the OMB to become a WalMart. And a big box mall.

What a diasater this would be to the merchants on Queen Street, the walking community of the east end and our film industry. And the Rose Corp’s “Smilin’ Sam” knew all along that this was the plan.

The other noteworthy operative in this deal was the UK’s partner Alfredo Romano. Alfie operates CastlePoint Developments. Ol’ Alfie is smooth. Smooth as they come. Some years ago he assembled 2 parcels of land from Betty Disero via the Toronto Habor Commission in terms of a 99 year lease. One piece is the Docks’ drive-in/golf-driving range, and the other is where the Docks run go carts. His goal was to “Duddy Kravitz” this pier on the waterfront and bring a casino to Toronto.

This story is a doozie and I will leave it for another time.

Also in ol’ Al’s portfolio is the long-time eyesore at the foot of Parliament Street and the Lakeshore at the water’s edge. You know the property. It has the big grain silos and a mountain of rubble that have been there forever. This property is part of the East Bayfront plan a.k.a. “Project Symphony”. And this property is also reputed to have the largest and oldest outstanding tax bill owed to the city’s coffers.

The audacity. Only in toronto you say… but take it easy its get better…

Ol’ Alfie was some pissed at ol’ Jeffie, after all the UK studio offer was superior. Mayor Miller stepped in. Now, you should realize that Miller did not want to annoy one of his largest campaign contributors. For, true to “Duddy Kravitz” form, Alfie wanted it all.

Just as an aside: how can Miller accept campaign money from a company that owes millions in back taxes to the city? Only in Toronto you say.

The audacity of hope? Quick… I need my broom….

This is how dirty our mayor is. On the very same day that the filmport deal was approved, Miller calmed ol’ Alfie down by approving his condo development at the Hummingbird Centre. That’s right. Both deals done on the same day.

In closing, syncronicity is a word coined by Carl Jung… an unexplained sequence of events.

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