H20 a $10 Million Skateboard Park

The ebb and flow of the gentle hills on the waters edge of the much publicized H2O park are proving to be a joy to our youth, but a pain in the behind for those working on its completion. The park is not complete. The fencing is still acting as a security barrier. The no trespassing signs are being tossed into the water. And the skateboarders have found the their urban utopia.

The long concrete benches are ideal for stunts; the designer was aware of this potential for the concrete chipping along the benches. So the kids are helping with early test trials on the benches durability. Apparently half the benches are now damaged.

The “Manhattanization” of the city core via the condo boom finds these teenagers with little room to roam and ply their trade.

So they have asked me to tell all those involved that they are thankful for this park getting built.

They do have a one specific request: could someone do something about the goose and duck droppings?

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