TEDCO Still the Only Government body Not Listed on Financial Disclosure Act

Wowwee! The press are talking bout the Financial Disclosure Act!

And as I stated sometime earlier, the list of government people making over $100,000.00 annually is skyrocketing.

I do not know, what do you think? Is government spending out of control?

The numbers are staggering. There are now apparently 34,000 people making over 100g’s up from 6,000 a mere 2 yrs ago.

What irks me the most though is how our leaders set priorities. Somthing is wrong when the head chef at the Metro Convention Centre makes close to $40,000.00 more than our Premier. This crook I mean cook makes more then the Mayor, more then doctors etc.

First things first. It’s all about priorities.

We need a major shake-up. And you wonder why are taxes continue to rise.

And there is Jeffrey Steiner, CEO of TEDCO, with the audacity to not even submit his pay.

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