TEDCO and the Brownie Award

The Brownie Award is for environmental achievement regarding things such as reclaiming old industrial sites.

A legitimate reclamation of property requires that all the contaminated soil be removed and replaced with engineered clean fill. When a developer goes to the bank this is what the bank requires.

If you watched the Broadview Lofts project this is what you would have seen: excavators moving contaminated soil in tractor trailor dump trucks and the soil being hauled directly to a landfill. When all the soil was removed to a depth where the soil was clean then you would have seen trailors lined up dumping clean virgin fill back in the hole.

Yet directly across the bridge the ORC is proceeding with the hocus pokus reclamation method, and so is TEDCO.

The West Donlands, the film port, and the Unwin Street playing field projects are utilizing a high tech method to reclaim the contaminated soil. Here’s how it works: they dig out the bad stuff put it in a pile, sprinkle a magic potion on the material, shake it all up and presto the soil is as good as new.

Yep, they call it dilution is the solution to pollution.

Go down see for your self. The TEDCO operation is taking place on the south side of Villiers just west of the Don Roadway.

As a slap in the face, none of the dump trucks hauling this material on the city’s streets has the proper legal identification marks to haul contaminted soil. This is an MOE violation. And I would suspect since they do not have the license number on the door they do not have a copy of the license in the truck. This is another violation.

All the while 10 different policing agencies drive by and don’t notice a thing wrong. That is right there are 10, not 5, not 4, yes 10. Because it is a government job they are hood-winked into believing everything is above board.

Who’s kidding who. TEDCO and the Toronto Film Studio are using unlicensed haulers to move contaminted soil on city streets.

Go down yourself and take a look.

Also one of the enviromental companies operates under a couple of different names. You know: his brother has one, his cousin has another. They all make a bid on the tender and by the stroke of luck one gets the job.

Yes indeed the environmental integrity of these projects is filled with a lot of brown stuff.

Mr. Jeffrey Steiner deserves his Brownie Award.

While his friends find merit in green.

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