TEDCO Lawyer Leaves Partnership of Robins Appleby & Taub

Jeffrey Dicker, a long time lawyer representing TEDCO, has abruptly left his partnership position at Robins Appleby & Taub.

I would like to note that I dubbed this firm the “milk machine” on several early posts.

The new bill C-56 that Miller is so proud of speaks loud and clear about transparency, yet this firm has made millions of dollars for 20 years off TEDCO and there is no public information about the fees they charged. Word has it that TEDCO has been trying to wrestle some of their files back from Robins for the last 6 months.

Speculation aside, Dicker’s departure represents a significant dark cloud over Robins’ horizon. As a partner, Dicker worked on the TEDCO files for over 15 years. Gerry Taub, the well connected founder, has been busy doing damage control. Never one to refuse a good fight, bend the rules of civil procedure, or utilize moral suasion to sway the sitting legal community, ol’ Gerry offered up Dicker as a scapegoat to TEDCO.

Making partner is a crowning achievement for lawyers. There are few savory explanations for a lawyer to leave a firm that boasts a stable of bank clients such as the Royal, BMO, and Laurentian. Indeed, Robins’ list is impressive but has diminished noticably on their new web page. Indeed, Dicker’s actions were so severe that he has ceased practicing for any legal firm.

This type of negative press can lead to a mass exodus of clients. For what ever reason, when partners leave as witnessed in recent times with Goodman & Carr, it is usually the precursor to the ultimate demise of the firm.

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