Regressive Tax

A casino in Toronto.

I remember when I was a kid, I would go to the Olympic pools to swim. I would pass the Greenwood race track and I would look at the men standing outside, and even as a child, I knew something was wrong.

I have heard it said that of all the addictions, gambling takes a person down the fastest. And it is only through the grace of God that I was not afflicted by such a disease.

In fact, I have never even bought a lottery ticket. I had the good fortune of being taught by some great teachers and one of them explained how this cash expenditure is actually a regressive tax. Further, he said desperate government utilize such policies.

Sadly, the idea of a casino in Toronto is being floated again. When I walked by the tv last night the newscast had Howard “the Jenny Craig candidate” Moscoe front and centre touting the merits of this industry and the financial benefits it would bring to Toronto.

It is no fluke Moscoe sits on TEDCO’s board, courtesy of mayor David Miller.

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