Casino Corrupution Correction Connection

Last week in my post entitled “Steiner Feeds It To Sprackman” there were a couple of mistakes.

I was reviewing some documents relating to the O.P.P. investigation into the TEDCO/Stavro lease and I noticed some oversights.

On a minor note, the intended use in the wording of the lease is “grocery store with ancillary parking”. Also, I misspelled Sprackman’s name.

As some of you know, I often spell incorrectly. This program is called WordPress and it does not have spell check. I tend to read the material and just bang out the story.

But the connection of corruption is like a big jig-saw puzzle. The more I look at the pieces the more the picture gains clairity. Thus the words tend to free flow.

So I appreciate your understanding. And no, I am not dislexic. And yes, I failed typing. But the teacher had mercy on me and gave me 51 per cent.

Anyway, another mistake more interesting is that TEDCO, on this occassion, did not utilize “the milk machine”, Robins Appleby and Taub, but rather, used Jeff G. Cowan of Weir Foulds. One of Cowan’s specialties in law is alcohol and gaming. Ol’ Cowan is not alone as a specialist in this field, for prior to being appointed to TEDCO, our mutual friend Jeff Steiner, a lawyer by trade, served on the alcohol and gaming commission.

I guess it’s birds of a feather.

A little side note that I find conflicting is Cowan’s colleague at Weir Foulds is George Rust-d’Eye who is the former city solicitor. Georgie boy has acted for and against the city on a number of occasions since leaving this postion.

When it comes to conflict of interest, with lawyers, there’s tons of case law. Many decisions come down to whether or not, in a particular case, the said lawyer had intimate knowledge of the file. Now there is not a snowballs chance in hell that you can convince me Rust-d’Eye did not have intimate knowledge of the TEDCO file when he worked for the city. So how is it he can represent TEDCO? How is it that Weir Foulds as a firm can represent TEDCO?

From start to finish, the legal ruling for the disclosure of the filmport lease is a travesty of justice. The freedom of information officer ordered the city to disclose the lease. Rust d’Eye was legal council for TEDCO against the city. The court awarded TEDCO 18,000.00 in costs against the city.

And it was the mayor, David Miller himself, who was the one who ordered this judicial review.

This is front page stuff, so where is the press? It blows me away that this is standard operating procedure for the biggest city in Canada.

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