Will the Closing Film Studio be Another Ataratiri?

In the early 80’s, councilors decided that they wanted some low cost housing in what is now referred to the “West Donlands”. They spent a ton of money and destroyed a whack of companies, many of which were generations old and many of which would never ultimately recover. That project was called “Ataratiri”, and it was only after this money was spent that the government decided that the property was far too polluted to meet residential standards.

For 20 plus years this property basically sat empty until the O.R.C. got a hold of it. They did a good job leasing it out to fledgling movie companies, however by the late 90’s, government officials made headline news with regards to the corruption involving environmental cleanup efforts. Criminal charges were laid. Convictions happened.

So what about today? Well, the big question is does Jeffrey Steiner have a deal in place for the MT28 property? Does “Project Symphony” have anything signed, or will we wait? If Steiner had a deal he would speak up. So once again government policy will hurt our movie industry, as was the case in the mid 80’s when the federals under Mulroney dummied the movie industry with the tax credit fiasco.

This time our local politicians are at work and under the weak leadership of Miller, TEDCO will move forward with little regard for the macro-economic effect on the “found money” that this industry provides to the Toronto economy.

R.I.P. MT28.

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