Liberty Tumultuous from Tedco Tornado

For a very long time now there has been festering resentment toward David Miller’s favorite government business enterprise – Tedco.

Liberty Village is the newest recipient of the Tedco tornado; since they induced Corus to become the anchor tenant in the project symphony development. In doing so Corus will move close to 1000 jobs out of the Village over to the waterfront at the foot of Jarvis and the Queen’s Quay

For 20 years Tedco achieved nothing. Since Jeff Steiner whirled into power there now stands a record of one controversial deal after another. The Canpar deal, the Mega studio, Walmart on Eastern ave, the merchants on Queen St., Leslieville, South Riverdale, Toronto’s movie industry and the long standing tenants of the Portland all possess victims.

Hopefully, Liberty’s cohesion may prove to be different.

The Village community members are livid over the hi-jacking of its long standing tenant. The area newspapers have reported the negative response and there are flyers being distributed opposing this move.

Historically, the Village has been a long time in the making. Years ago the entire western border was encompassed by a General Electric plant. In the mid 80’s this was purchased by Johnson Furniture. The son, Pat Johnson, was a visionary and embarked on doing a retrofit of the dated G.E. manufacturing plant. This emanated into the area evolving into an eclectic mix boasting some highly successful makers of intellectual property.

The community grass roots are mounting and questions are being asked. But these people have never experienced the terror of Tedco. They are frustrated because, like all the others, they are faced with a shroud of secrecy surrounding the facts.

Speculating on what little we know consider that since Corus currently occupies approximately 200,000 sq.ft. in Liberty Village. It could prudently follow that Corus accepted Tedco’s offer to relocate to the waterfront based on almost doubling its square footage for the same money that it currently pays in the Village. Under these circumstances this deal would possess the financial benefits to pass the Corus board including being made palatable to a fickle Corus workforce.

Project Symphoney is but one more example of how Jeffrey Steiner and David Miller work. Their self serving ego driven goals have no regard for what makes sense. Liberty is a vibrant community that will now face economic uncertainty.

There is fear in the unknown.

Nothing is personal until it is real.

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