Too Much for Radio not Enough for T.V.

Recently, I acquired all the video of council meetings regarding the mega studio deal. So this weekend I watched them.

I found the Councilors to be an odd set of ego-driven characters that lack common courtesy toward one another. Few can spell conciliatory.

On a positive note Norm Kelly and Michael Walker did seem seriously interested in seeking the truth and resolving the issues at hand.

The most important point of note though were the disputants. Nowhere have I ever ever ever ever seen each and every member of an industry support added competition – which the mega studio would no doubt bring. All of the disputants were in favor of the mega deal. Over and over again they all urged council to disclose the details of the deal. They seemed bewildered and frustrated by the stonewalling. They all felt the process was corrupted. And all were deeply concerned that the loss of 629 Eastern as a film studio would have a huge adverse impact on the Toronto film campus.

Please note that had council disclosed the deal there would be no need for this subjective posting.
I removed a few paragraphs wed night in this post. I thinks its fair game to take a little poke. But i reacted and went to far and crossed the line. so i am sorry.

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